A garage door without springs may be possible, but it would likely be more difficult to open and close manually, and it may not be able to be opened by an electric motor especially since most residential openers don’t run on much horsepower.

Springs are an important component of most garage doors because they provide the necessary tension to lift and lower the door quickly and smoothly without damaging it. Without springs, the weight of the door would need to be supported entirely by the lifting mechanism, which could be difficult or impossible to operate manually.

There are a few different types of springs that are commonly used in garage doors, including torsion springs and extension springs. Torsion springs are mounted above the door and provide tension by twisting as the door is raised or lowered. Extension springs are mounted along the sides of the door and stretch as the door is raised or lowered.

If your garage door does not have springs and you are having difficulty opening and closing it, you need to call us today, so we can install new springs or repair the existing springs. It is generally not recommended to try to operate a garage door without springs as it could be dangerous and could cause damage to the door or the lifting mechanism.